UNKNOWN is Manila-based clothing company for the fashion-oriented punksters, rebels, misfits or just plain crazy.  

We operate in our garage and every piece are made with love and passion. 

UNKNOWN embraces punk ethos giving middle finger to big rich brands (and people).  

We exist to embrace punk design principle, blah, blah, blah, and ultimately for fame and fortune!  

Though we cannot take pride in paying our taxes (at least, not yet), we make sure we provide high quality 100% cotton, standard fit and pre-shrunk T-shirts. 

The logos (if there are any) are trademarks of their respective companies. Our products are not designed, endorsed, licensed or sponsored by them. Our artworks are creative interpretation of our designers and sometimes parodies of familiar logos and pictures. If we are violating any international laws including the Treaty of Paris, fuck it. We just want to make shirts and see you wearing them. 

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